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My compensation varies by the model used, as outlined below.

Regardless of the model you're interested in, the initial 30 minute consultation is complimentary and without obligation.

On the call, we clarify the model that would make the most sense for what you are looking for.  

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Full Service Financial Planning

Who is most appropriately suited for this kind of service? 

Planner Clients are ready to clarify, simplify and organize their financial life.  They see the value of partnering with an experienced Certified Financial Planner™ who takes a holistic approach to defining goals, analyzing options, making informed decisions, and implementing strategies to achieve their financial goals.  

Planner Clients want their questions addressed, financial worries reduced and complexity decreased so that they can focus on what matters most in life.  Planner clients partner with me on a subscription basis to stay informed, access expertise and make adjustments as changes in finances, laws and life occur.  

Services and Pricing:  I manage both your planning and investments for an advisory fee that is a flat annual percentage of the assets I manage (minimum $250,000 of investable assets per household). 

The Comprehensive Financial Life Plan is a one time fee that covers a customized review of the Planner Client's financial situation, goals, and needs and provides specific recommendations.  Discounted fees range from $1,600 - $2,400 depending on complexity. 

Annual planner subscriptions provide ongoing review, advice and management of financial strategies.  Minimum annual fees are:  $1,000.  There are no additional consultation fees.  

Investment/Wealth Management

Who is most appropriately suited for this kind of service? 

Investor Clients seek professional knowledge, expertise and support to align their investment strategy with their financial goals.  They see the value in partnering with an experienced Advisor to design, implement and manage an investment strategy, including investment research, analysis and selection.  

Investor Clients view professional management as a way to accomplish investment objectives while freeing up valued personal time.  Investor Clients experience support and communication as it relates to investment management.  Important to this process is a qualitative discussion regarding client risk parameters.  

Services and Pricing:  I charge an advisory fee that is a flat annual percentage of those assets.  (minimum $250,000 of investable assets per household).  A Comprehensive Financial Life Plan can be added at a discounted rate of $1,800-$2,700 depending on complexity.  

Situational or Hourly Consulting

Who is most appropriately suited for this kind of service? 

Situational Clients seek targeted solutions to specific goals or situations.  Examples include investment strategy, asset allocation, retirement strategy, social security strategy, insurance. Services are a la carte.  We work together on a limited basis, as Situational Clients receive guidance, advice and service related to their specifically defined needs and concerns.  

This is popular with "DIY" investors who may want a second opinion on their portfolios or a one time recommendation for a social security strategy.  

Services and Pricing:  The hourly rate is $250.  Typical engagements are:

  • Comprehensive Financial Life Plan- $2,000 - $3,000 depending on complexity, $1,000 for an update;
  • Retirement consultation - $500 initially, $250 for an update;
  • Insurance Consultation - $500;
  • Portfolio Research/Advice (on assets I do not manage) - $500-$1,000, $500 for an update;
  • Social Security Analysis - $300.

Prior to the engagement, we agree on a time cap and total cost of services. 

Services may be fee or commission based, depending on the solution provided.