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What I do

I help Florida Educators create a plan to immediately or eventually transition into something new.  Some call this retirement, some call it pivoting or reinventing – but it all comes down to crafting a fluid Life Plan.  I help you build a supportive financial foundation to free you to fulfill your vision and live your life. 

How I Do It

Here’s what to expect.  The process involves a series of conversations usually done over the phone or on Zoom and includes:

1.  Determining if there’s a fit between what you’re looking for and what I can deliverClick here to watch my complimentary video

2.  Discovering your dreams, goals and vision for your future, to create your Life Plan; Click here to schedule your complimentary consultation with me!  

3.  Designing together your portfolio, investment policy and implementing other strategies that will fund your Life Plan; Click Here to Download your Retirement Lifestyle Workbook

4.  Developing your fluid Life Plan and monitoring. You have access to me and we conduct review meetings to verify the plan still aligns with your values and to make any changes to your plan and/or portfolio strategy.